Having a baby is such a special time for both parents but for nursing mums there is a special bond between mother and baby that is unique.

I only offer one appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon. That session is then yours for up to 3 1/2 hours. The shoot usually only lasts an hour but time sometimes slips away with children.

If your little ones has an apocalyptic accident before leaving home, no need to panic. Arrive when you can -that session is yours. Just let me know x.

If your loved one is particularly hungry, shy, or uncooperative, we have the time to get the best out of your child on their terms. No fixed shoot time. Just relax and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Manchester nursing mums photography mum feeding baby in buttercups

So why have a nursing mums portrait shoot?

For many mums, breastfeeding, in the beginning, is fraught with struggles and anxiety and when those obstacles are overcome; being able to capture their nursing experience is a way of documenting their victory. They are now proud breastfeeding champions.

For other mums, a nursing session marks the end of a chapter in their lives. They may be nearing the end of nursing their baby, or may have decided not to have any more children. The shoot documenting this very special phase then seems more precious than ever.

You may just want to record that special bond that only you and your child will ever have.

That is why I offer a truly beautiful nursing mums portrait shoot so that you can capture that special time forever.

The shoot can take place at my Manchester studio, or on location at a nearby beauty spot (or a combination of the two).

The shoot will be relaxed and informal. You can choose to bare as much or as little flesh as you like. This is your special time.

There will be no contrived posing. I’ll set the scene and then you will feed your child as you naturally would. I will capture the interaction between you and your baby. The love, the bond, the beauty.

You will be cooing over your images with family and friends for years to come.

You could even combine the shoot with a baby portrait shoot or a cake smash.

If you would like a chat about a nursing mums shoot or would like to book in at my Manchester studio, please contact me today.

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