Manchester Baby Cake Smash Shoot

I have to confess to loving cake smash shoots more than most other portrait shoot types. Maybe it is because I am a naturally messy person. perhaps its all those bright primary colours, balloons and party atmosphere I try to create. It could just be all that cake!

Mason certainly looked like he enjoyed the experience recently.

As with all my shoots, I set aside a whole morning or whole afternoon, so that there are no time constraints for your portrait session.

This gives me time to get to know your little one before I even attempt to introduce my camera. my basket of cuddly toys, bubble gun and Russian dolls certainly helps me achieve that.

I try to make a cake smash shoot as varied and fun as possible.

manchester baby cake smash red t shirt curved stool

With Mason, he arrived in a casual shorts and T shirt set so I took a few bright and cheerful images of him in that.

manchester baby cake smash dickie bow cuddly cow

He then changed into his Christening outfit. How adorable does he look in his little dickie bow and waistcoat?

manchester baby cake smash superman onesie picnic basket

I then brought the first set of treats out in my vintage china tea cups. Strawberries, grapes and chocolate buttons. Mason wore one of my superhero onesies, choosing a Superman outfit that complemented the colours we had chosen for his cake.

Manchester Baby Cake Smash Shoot

Time for cake! I consult with parents about cake colours. You can bring your own, Asda do a fab range for cake smashes, or you I can make one for you. Whilst not a professional cake maker, I do make a good messy cake smash cake 🙂 . For Mason, we opted for red and blue.

manchester baby cake smash shoot chef outfit red blue cake

manchester baby cake smash shoot chef outfit red blue cake icing face

He changed into an adorable chef’s outfit and armed with a wooden spoon, made short work of the cake.

manchester baby cake smash shoot tin bath icing face

manchester baby cake smash shoot tin bath bubbles

After the mess comes the clean up. My tin bath comes out filled with bubbly warm water. Mason had a fine old time splashing and getting clean. Of course, I was still covered in icing and crumbs.  At least Mason’s mum went home with a squeaky clean baby, high on a sugar rush!