Want to celebrate your child’s milestone birthday in style. Perfect for one and two year olds, our Manchester came smash shoots are fun, funky, colourful and just a little bit messy.

I only offer one appointment in the morning and one in the afternoon. That session is then yours for up to 3 1/2 hours. The shoot usually only lasts an hour but time sometimes slips away with children.

If your little ones has an apocalyptic accident before leaving home, no need to panic. Arrive when you can -that session is yours. Just let me know x.

If your loved one is particularly hungry, shy, or uncooperative, we have the time to get the best out of your child on their terms. No fixed shoot time. Just relax and watch the magic happen before your eyes.

Manchester cake smash photography red haired baby smiling balloonsThe fun starts well before the big day when we will chat about cake styles, colour schemes, and outfits to make the shoot truly bespoke for your child.

When you arrive at the studio I will get to know your child and basically act like a big kid myself to make sure your little one is comfortable and happy.

We will start with some “clean” portrait images, using our beautiful range of props, fabrics and backdrops.

We’ll then throw in some balloons, maybe a vintage tea service and some tiny treats to tickle those toddler taste buds.

Then it is down to the main event. You may choose to bring your own outfit. However, if you want to leave me with the washing I have tons of cute outfits. From romper suits, to Hawaiian shorts and hats, superhero onesies, brightly coloured tutus and chef’s whites, there is something for everyone to choose from.

Now most babies are quite polite when it comes to digging into that icing. They sometimes need a bit of encouragement to get truly mucky. This is probably why I end up covered from head to toe in icing and crumbs. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Once your baby gets a taste for the sweet stuff I can click away to get some truly memorable images.

And don’t worry about going home with a messy baby. After the cake smash, I will pull out a tin bath of super bubbly water so that you baby is clean and fresh and ready to go home on the high of a sugar coma, leaving me to clean up and edit the most fun and colourful images you will ever have.

A truly fun and unique portrait experience for your little one. To book your Manchester cake smash photography shoot, please contact me today. Or why not buy a gift voucher or gift certificate for that special little one?

 Manchester Cake Smash Photography