Aria Worsley Newborn Photography

Sometimes, just sometimes a shoot happens where everything goes smoothly. In my Worsley photography studio I am prepared for every eventuality. Babies are not robots so sometimes they cry, sometimes they eat, sometimes they make one hell of a mess. Sometimes it is all three in a never ending loop with cuddles and patience in between to get those gorgeous calm and timeless images.

None of those things happening is a rarity. That is just what happened when baby Aria came to visit. She was a chilled bundle of joy from the moment she arrived until the moment she left. her parents were lucky to get away with taking her home. I definitely wanted to keep her.

So today I am sharing some of my favourite images from that shoot.

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography baby rainbow fabric

I absolutely love my collection of chiffon fabrics and the rainbow fabric is my favourite. A really girly statement.

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography baby white wrap white headband white fur

I love layering the same colour with different textures. This white fur fabric looks fab with the white whit and bow headband and is a lovely contrast with Aria’s jet black hair.

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography baby beige blanket headband fur

Just adding a hint of a neutral colour gives this a different look.

I do love my collection of long tailedAria Worsley Newborn Photography baby purple bobble hat

I do love m collection of long tailed bobble hats. This chunky purple one is my new favourite.

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography baby peach silk bow

A pretty peach satin bow wraps Aria up in a perfect baby package.

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography naked baby rose headband

No adornment other than a delicate floral headband for a sleeping naked Aria.

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography baby white tutu pink rose blanket

Time to break out the bold colours with this white tutu set against a stunning pink rose blanket.

Aria Worsley Newborn Photography baby pink tutu aqua rose blanket

I love clashing colours and this combination looks truly beautiful. A hot pink tutu and aqua rose blanket suits Aria’s colouring perfectly.

So there you have it. A collection of images from Aria Worsley Newborn Photography shoot. Which is your favourite? Would love to hear from you.